Let’s Talk About Duck Dynasty…

Well, I’ve spent the last twenty-four hours dodging the bullets that have been flying over this Phil Robertson situation.  I’m stepping out from behind the tree where I’ve been hiding to enter the fray.

I don’t know what your Facebook newsfeed looks like, but in my little slice of cyber space I can’t help but notice a lot of the shots are being aimed between Christians. Spiritual condescension oozes from statements such as, “With everything going on in our world today…you’re getting riled up about a stupid TV show?”  These words imply that being concerned over the uproar that occurs when a person of faith expresses their beliefs is somehow beneath a “true” Christian. Because we all know all the “real” Christians are out saving people from sexual slavery or feeding the poor. They don’t have time to even notice there is a TV show called Duck Dynasty. Call me crazy, but I thought I could care about the fact that Christianity is constantly being shamed in this country and these other issues.

Not to be outdone there is a “righteously” outraged reply from the other side, “You just sit there and watch our country swirl down the toilet. I’m going to stand up for Christianity!” Ummmm… most of you simply clicked the like button on a Stand With Phil Facebook page.  I don’t know how to break it to you, but with that action you didn’t single handedly save Biblical principles from extinction. To truly carry on the legacy of our faith we have to live it out. You know, in the real world, amidst the everyday grind of life. So stop patting yourself on the back. It looks silly. And you’re going to strain a muscle.

Of course, lots of Scripture is being quoted at one another. Because we are really good at that. As a matter of fact, since I’ve probably made both sides mad at me with this little blog, I had better take cover again. If there is one thing experience has taught me it’s that Christians can be brutal.

Behold, how they loathe one another.



Let’s Talk About Christmas Parades…

I know it’s been quiet over here on the blog but, trust me, the actual house with a red door has been anything but silent. The most obnoxious sound that’s been permeating our house has been the hacking produced by a cough. My husband is the only family member who’s been able to escape the germs. So far. Let’s hope his luck continues to hold out.

In spite of sickness slowly working its way from person to person we’ve still managed to enjoy some of the fun this time of year brings. Thanksgiving was an awesome day packed with friends, family, and food. Lots and lots of food. I’ve never been one to let a pesky little thing like the flu prevent me from enjoying stuffing and sweet potatoes. In fact, I enjoyed those yummy dishes five times. In one day. And, no, I don’t feel the least bit bad about the amount of food I ate.

The tree is up, and we’ve started attending the festivities that add so much excitement to the holiday season. Which is why we were at our local Christmas parade earlier today. We live in a small coastal town and this event is one of the highlights of the month of December. It is well-attended, and we wanted to get a good spot, so we put a little planning into making sure we could have a nice view of all the action…creative floats, marching bands, and let’s not forget the hand outs. Around here we take parade goodies to a whole new level of awesomeness. Chilled water bottles, t-shirts, frisbees, beach balls, and candy are a typical take-home haul. Not to mention the children closest to the road get a chance to pet interesting animals like alligators and snakes courtesy of the local Environmental Center.

A picnic was organized, chairs were packed, and we got there well in advance of the 1:00 start time. We set up camp right beside the road about halfway through the parade route. Front row seating. Prime location.

There’s nothing like munching on subs and people watching to help the minutes fly by. We humans are an amusing bunch. I loved seeing all the various versions of family interact as we waited. Of course, there’s some things I didn’t like as much as others. Just as a public service announcement I’m going to inform all you gals out there that shirts should not ever, under any circumstance, be tucked into leggings. They’re not pants. No matter how much you may want them to be. There were enough interesting visuals to keep us occupied, and it wasn’t long before the whole thing was getting ready to begin. We were full. We were happy. We were pumped. We were ready for action.

And then those people came up and plopped their chairs in front of us.

These rude actions made me aware of the fact that we need to have a little discussion about parade etiquette. I can’t believe I live in a world where these words actually have to be said to adults…but here goes…

Rule #1- It is not okay to create your own new version of the front row. Ever. But especially in front of children who’ve prepared for and anticipated the parade. So don’t do it. Just don’t.

Rule # 2- Don’t forget rule number one.

See. So simple. Two easy steps and you’re fit for the public parade experience. Please, mull these rules over. Give them your best effort. And if you still find it difficult to conduct yourself in a manner worthy of polite society may I suggest the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. From the perfect view provided by your couch.